Aptos, CA 4th of July Parade

Aptos, CA 4th of July Parade


Bus Trippers is an idea born out of celebration of the many adventures that we've had aboard the old, quirky, split window, aircooled VW buses that we've owned over the years. In the 70s we toured the US with our parents in a 1970 Bay Window Bus. Back then the VW Bus, it was just a mode of transportation; the Swiss Army Knife of vehicles. They're equally comfortable taking a short jaunt to the store, or full-on surf tripping down Baja Mexico full of surfboards and friends. Now nearly 40 years on, the VW bus has reached cult status. They're a sought after prize popular with collectors, yet they're still highly capable, road-worthy exploration platforms.

The people who travel in VW buses are as individual as the vehicle themselves, which we will highlight here. With this site, we hope to not only chronicle our own travels, but also we hope to highlight the travels of the other intrepid souls who venture off the beaten track with their VWs. 

If you know any Bus Trippers who are on the road, we'd love to hear from them. Send us an email here.


The Bus Trippers